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Regardless of whether you've purchased anything from us or not, you can make money from your site simply by linking to us, or by sending one of our many e-mail ads to a targeted opt-in e-mail list! We offer an industry-leading 50% commission, which rounds out to just over $22 for you every time we sell an e-book as the result of someone clicking on your link.

The market for this product is ENORMOUS!

The total market for The Scholarship & Grant Guide is somewhere in the range of approximately 40,000,000 potential customers...

  • 15 million students in college (undergraduates and graduates)
  • 10 million parents of college students & high school juniors & seniors
  • 5 million college-bound high school juniors and seniors
  • As many as 1 in 4 U.S. adults!

And those numbers do not even include International students, which is a significant market for our product. In fact, three of our five top affiliates are not based in the US!

A great business to be a part of

The Scholarship & Grant Guide is Totally Unique - the only one of its kind in the world. It's the answer to every Scholarship seeker's problem. It's inexpensive. It's in huge demand. And it's backed by a highly skilled and experienced team of professional people.

As part of an on-going program we've produced a wide range of Advertising and Promotional materials to help you build your business, including:

  • Ezine Ads to copy 'as is' or adapt
  • Advertorials
  • Email Sig files
  • Banners
  • Graphics

Professionally-written sales copy means more money for you:

Our sales letter was written by a nationally-renouned copywriter, whose sales letters consistenly pull an average response of around 3 - 6%.

And to add the cherry to the sundae so to say, our system is setup so that even if your visitor does not purchase on their first visit, you will still receive a commission if he or she decides to purchase the e-book within the next 90 days.

Why such a high commission rate?

We want to help as many people as possible find the money they need to attend the college of their dreams, and we want it to be worth your time to send visitors to our site -- which is why we have no problem paying you the highest allowable commission to spread the word about our course. And yes -- it is completely free to join this affiliate program.

Who pays you?

An independent company called Clickbank® handles the sales processing and payment to affiliates. To join this affiliate program you will need to sign up with Clickbank, which is free to do. Immediately after signing up with Clickbank you will be able to log on to your affiliate account and see up-to-the-minute reports of your sales.

When do you get paid?

Clickbank will send you checks twice a month. However, there has to be a minimum of $10 in your account before they will send a check to you (this means that you will receive a check after the first sale from your referral.) Clickbank has an online statistics facility with real-time updates, so you can see how much you have earned at any time. The best thing to do is take a tour of the Clickbank site once you register.

Do you need to purchase anything to become an affiliate?

No. You may be an affiliate regardless of whether or not you have purchased anything from us. We do feel, however, that you will benefit greatly from purchasing a membership to The Scholarship & Grant Guide, in order to become more familiar with the exact methods we use to help people find money for college faster and more efficiently than any other scholarship search available.

Remember that if you can sell just 3 copies of the book then you will have easily recouped the cover cost of the book. You'll even have money to spare!

How do you get started?

Simple. If you don't currently have a Clickbank account, you can sign up for free by clicking on this link. Once you have a Clickbank Affiliate ID, you can begin promoting The Scholarship & Grant Guide using the gigantic amount of marketing materials we provide for you here on this site.

To choose a method of promotion you would like to use, please select from the list below:

eZine Ads
Just use them as they are, mix the headlines or lines of text, or adapt them to your own style. Choose the Ad you wish to use or adapt, and insert your own Affiliate ID where it says '[CLICKBANK_ID]'.

Advertorials are a very powerful way to advertise to your audience. If you're not familiar with the term, an Advertorial is an article written from a third party perspective. This makes it appear as a Press Release, or a review, of the product being discussed, rather than a straight advertisement written by you. The idea has been used successfully for decades.

The following article is ideal for a Solo mailing to your own opt-in mailing lists, or to publish in your ezine or Website. Just remember to insert your own Affiliate code into the URL.

Feel free to change the text if you feel it necessary.

E-mail Sig Files
A short Ad at the end of your email message (sig file) is a very effective way to generate traffic through your Affiliate URL. And it costs absolutely nothing! Just extract a line or two of text from one of the following ezine Ads and add it to the end of your emails. To produce the best results, compose a number of sig files and target your recipient with the sig file that will work best.
Banners & Graphics
It's widely accepted that text links and personal recommendation of a product produce the most click thru's and the highest sales conversions. But you may still prefer using a banner or a graphic link, especially if you have a high traffic site.


Important: We absolutely will not tolerate our affiliates using SPAM as a means of marketing their affiliate link. You must only use TARGETED OPT IN EMAIL LISTS to send any of our e-mail ads to.

Any form of SPAM will result in the immediate termination of your affiliate account.

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